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Leftovers 2


Movie & Cat Studies

The second page are studies from one of my favorite blogs:

Great mistakes

Lots of great mistakes in this one:

Quick study

Nice work Dreamworks!

Congratulations to all the animators on KFP 2. The action sequences were especially well done! 


Done by same guys who made the Kenny vs Spenny tv show, Pitch was their first documentary film. Personally I'm not a fan of the Jackass style humor of the later seasons but I enjoyed their documentary and the "Who can sell more bibles" episode.


Colored version -not quite finished but close enough to post:

Untitled from Jeremy Hopkins on Vimeo.

I'm adding in a few illustration samples and wanted to avoid some of the cliches from the animation. Here's some of my research sketches from the folks at coffee row in the morning. They always have great conversations and makes it easier to get some stronger personalities. None of the older folks walk the same either because of hip or leg problems.

Quick test

Quick animation test for club penguin.

Style studies

Sami's Travels

Lincoln Force

This idea belongs to the folks at Giant bomb but I thought it would be fun to see it as a Sunday morning strip:

Sketches for Japan

Will Eisner's 'Observer'

'Observer' is from New York The Big City and it's one of my favorite Will Eisner comics. I've studied it along with Billy Wilder's The Apartment and borrowed lighting from Gregg Toland as the inspiration for my comic. I can't do any of these men justice but it was very enjoyable to an in depth study of their work.

Black Swan

Black Swan. WOW!

Part 3 of 3

Part 2 of 3