Here was my original approval submission. Don wasn't particularly pleased with the some of the design choices of the ears or the overacting and the staging near the end. He approved the acting for the first half of the test and said it was 'mmm.. okay..' so I've gone back and attempted to address his concerns in a new pose test.
The original test for comparison:

Don's notes:

Updated test:

At this point I'm fishing for ideas and the second test has lost some of the energy of the original. I'll take another stab at the scene, try to make sure the drawings are stronger and better designed as well. Overall, so far not really a successful test but I've enjoyed the direct & honest feedback, a few people got some enjoyment and I've continued to learn a lot about what not to do. It's been a great experience seeing the wonderful work everyone else was doing too.

Another work related drawing I was asked to create was a grouping of game characters for a sign outside the building.

Bartok acting test

Pretty straight forward scene. Nothing special but still fun to experiment with different acting ideas. First tied down to the best of my ability and second half extremely rough - all of it off model mostly on 4's :) Weird character & fun test so far.

Bartok extremes

Some extreme poses for Bartok:

More studies

Some more TS Sullivant studies though not very Sullivant-ish. Tough artist to study. 

Some work related character development. Just kicking around ideas at this point.