Congratulations to the TS3 crew

Had a fun time seeing Woody and the gang up on the big screen. Congratulations to all who worked on the film!

Studies - June 29th

Studies - June 28th

A few notes to myself while I tried to breakdown a scene from Arsenic and old Lace. Sorry if it sounds pretentious but thought I'd post it here anyways just to check my analysis.

Some great mistakes in the sketch and I will try to correct them in another drawing later.

Daily studies

Just some daily studies where I'm trying to breakdown where my ideas fail to communicate or my drawings aren't strong. Lots of ugly drawings but fun none the less :)


A year and a half ago, I had a chance to stop by the Disney Feature animation building and check out a couple cool projects they were working on at the time. One was Princess and the Frog and the other was Rapunzel. The trailer was released this week for Rapunzel, now Tangled in the US, and the animation looks top notch. Hopefully they'll have a huge success - the talented folks at Disney deserve a break!

Here's a link to the Dutch trailer: