Here was my original approval submission. Don wasn't particularly pleased with the some of the design choices of the ears or the overacting and the staging near the end. He approved the acting for the first half of the test and said it was 'mmm.. okay..' so I've gone back and attempted to address his concerns in a new pose test.
The original test for comparison:

Don's notes:

Updated test:

At this point I'm fishing for ideas and the second test has lost some of the energy of the original. I'll take another stab at the scene, try to make sure the drawings are stronger and better designed as well. Overall, so far not really a successful test but I've enjoyed the direct & honest feedback, a few people got some enjoyment and I've continued to learn a lot about what not to do. It's been a great experience seeing the wonderful work everyone else was doing too.

Another work related drawing I was asked to create was a grouping of game characters for a sign outside the building.

Bartok acting test

Pretty straight forward scene. Nothing special but still fun to experiment with different acting ideas. First tied down to the best of my ability and second half extremely rough - all of it off model mostly on 4's :) Weird character & fun test so far.

Bartok extremes

Some extreme poses for Bartok:

More studies

Some more TS Sullivant studies though not very Sullivant-ish. Tough artist to study. 

Some work related character development. Just kicking around ideas at this point. 

Work related drawings

Here's a couple and again, not the world's greatest piece of work but fun none the less:

Kerrigan from Star Craft 2:

Designs for a games store

Here are some designs for game store. Had to research some of the more popular games and in the end I went with a Starcraft ghost variant. Interesting project and it'll provide some bizarre tax right-offs.

Couple more design ideas for the game store. These ones were inspired by Tadahiro Uesugi's beautiful illustration work. The illustration is a reference to the NES version of Metroid but in an every day situation.


Here's an animation test of the mascot for the local football team. It's not great but I only had a couple days to animate, tie down & clean up this guy.


Revisions based on some suggestions to add more depth.


Visual descriptions of the key areas of my story. I'm not a screenwriter but here's an attempt:

Beat Boards

Cary Grant Face study

Congratulations to the TS3 crew

Had a fun time seeing Woody and the gang up on the big screen. Congratulations to all who worked on the film!

Studies - June 29th

Studies - June 28th

A few notes to myself while I tried to breakdown a scene from Arsenic and old Lace. Sorry if it sounds pretentious but thought I'd post it here anyways just to check my analysis.

Some great mistakes in the sketch and I will try to correct them in another drawing later.

Daily studies

Just some daily studies where I'm trying to breakdown where my ideas fail to communicate or my drawings aren't strong. Lots of ugly drawings but fun none the less :)


A year and a half ago, I had a chance to stop by the Disney Feature animation building and check out a couple cool projects they were working on at the time. One was Princess and the Frog and the other was Rapunzel. The trailer was released this week for Rapunzel, now Tangled in the US, and the animation looks top notch. Hopefully they'll have a huge success - the talented folks at Disney deserve a break!

Here's a link to the Dutch trailer:

Some Tom Hanks studies

There's no likeness in these sketches but it was helpful to observe and study Mr Hanks before starting the cg work.

Blocking pass:

Character research

Just a few different rip off studies of other artists:

Henry's design

I ended up choosing the design on the right to develop which is kind of a mix between Tom Berenger and James Coburn:

He's a hustler and a gambler so I wanted to study some reference to push his character:

To make him a bit more appealing and diverse, making him a family man was a good a challenge. That way he can justify actions by saying it's done for the greater good. These drawings below illustrate two different personalities. At home, he's king(the root meaning of Henry means 'home ruler') but out in the real world, he's a scam man.

More to come later.


Sketch for Searle Tribute Book

It's not very Searle-ish but it's what I could do in time. Fun stuff though not easy even though certain artists make it look that way.


This was going to be my submission to the Searle book but it's looking like it won't make the cut. Maybe I'll finish it and just put it away. Fun little project and hopefully I can come up with something better before the 16th.