This is a cheesy/hokie drawing but the idea is fun. I'd love to see more of Isaac Asimov take (not rewriting his work to fit an action movie) on robots in recent films.

Ipod Generation Gap

Version 2:
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Gobelins & Annecy at it again

As usual more amazing work from Gobelins:
Monstera Deliciosa
Le lac gelé
Jelly Sunday

Thank you book for JL

One of my pet projects that's been crawling along at a snail's pace is thank you cards for all the nice people I met in LA. Below is the thank you book from Yumi and myself to John Lasseter for spending some time with us. It was his night yet he was gracious enough to stop and talk with us. We both thought that he deserved a thank you of some sort. Yumi spent some time writing her story and wanted to share the Japanese perspective on Disney films and I agreed to help out with the artwork. Hopefully he and his wife, Nancy, will enjoy or at least find some use for it. Below are some pictures of the final product: