Cintiq woes

Unfortunately my 3 year 15 inch cintiq is officially broken. The moniter still works great but the board controlling the pen and pressure is fried. So overall it wasn't a good week. The trade off in buying an expensive product like a cintiq is hoping that quality and brand name will mean not having to purchase another one in the near future. Since my cintiq is past its 2 year warranty, I'd have to pay at least 40 USD plus shipping to send it back to Wacom and wait a minimum of 30 days to just have them 'check it out' and tell me what I already know is wrong. After the 30 days, they'd contact me and then I'd have to pay for the repair. Suffice to say I wasn't impressed with that level of customer service.
Ok, that's the bad news but here's the good and potentially very exciting news. While checking for alternatives to sending back my cintiq I found the SISO Tablo Notebook Tablet Conversion Kit:

If this works, for $129 CAN anyone with a laptop can have a cintiq. Early reviews have been very positive stating that the two are comparable but its only designed to work on a laptop lcd moniter. I'm planning on picking one up and giving it a try on my cintiq which is more durable than a normal desktop lcd moniter. I'll let everyone know my impressions once I get the tablo but my fingers are crossed for a potentially really cheap fix to my cintiq woes.

Link to the tablo on ncix.

edit: Another site clarified the pressure sensitivity aspect which is apparently determined by velocity and not pressure. This doesn't make the tablo such a big deal anymore since the wiimote hack has been around for some time now. Looks like this is a prettied up and boxed version of that hack.... boo..

Floyd Doll

This gag drawing is a suggestion for Floyd Norman who wrote in his blog about troubles at tax time. Floyd and Kira were kind enough to show us around at Disney and talk about the good old days. It was a real treat to hear about the studio at that time and we couldn't have had a more gracious or kind guide. I figured if you could bundle up his passion and sell it as a toy, well, he'd never have to worry about the tax man again. Anyone for preorders? :P

white rhino studies

Indian Rhino study

Some Rhino research: