This is a direct copy of one of Sullivant's works. It's getting better:

This was a first attempt at a T.S. Sullivant like drawing and well, it needs some work. The purpose is to expand my range of drawings so it should match the style of original illustrator. The other reason for drawing is to solidify and really focus on building shapes that are easy to animate and more appealing without losing the acting/storytelling. I've received some great feedback about certain issues in my drawings that should be addressed for improvement. Watching my straight against curves, overall shape and simplifying the silhouette can make a huge difference. The feedback is very much appreciated!

note: edited for clarity

Here's a link to the quicktime.
I'm very slowly starting to finish tie downs with this project on tvpaint. This has been flipped so the characters will be entering from the other direction.



Adult Yumi and a different Princess studies:

Thumbnails exploring posing for admiration:

Different looks for book pages: