Originally, I had a picture here of me with Dean Dublois, James Baxter and his wife Kendra. It was wonderful meeting such kind, talented and humble people. I was awestruck by the good nature and thoughtfulness of the whole animation industry in California. One person, who most likely never receives any credit because she's behind the camera, is Debbie Coleman. Debbie is media relations for Pixar at the Annies and it was a pleasure spending time with her. If anyone deserved a kind pat on the back for just being who they are, it was her.

Visiting LA for the Annies

I'm off to LA tomorrow to see the Annies and visit with very nice folks at local studios. Should be a fun time and I'll make sure to post all pictures and movies when I get back. Finally a week of winter without the Canadian cold :)


Cat Fight Colored

Thumbnails for my Tom Oreb rip off:



Goodbye 2008: Part 3

Goodbye 2008: Part 2

Goodbye 2008 Part 1

Here is the beginning of my collection of drawings from 2008 - some ok, some not so ok but all were very educational. I'll post these in chunks of 5 so it won't bog down the internet tubes. Thanks for a great 2008 everyone and congrats to everyone for improving, getting a good job, holding their current job or creating a new one. 2009 might be tough for those in the entertainment industry so good luck and keep creating! As always I'm amazed and humbled by the quality and talent both past and present.