Book: Preview issue is done

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The above drawing is one that I've had for quite some time and it's time to see it retired. Completing the preview issue of 'Animated Thought Process' and using it as the cover felt like a good place to see it end. It's a first in a series of books I'm working on that detail the research, studies, and.. umm.. thought process that goes into animating a scene. It isn't a how to book because quite honestly I don't feel qualified to release a book that teaches others how to animate and there are far more experienced and talented people who offer that kind of advice. My book is more like Da Vinci's notebook showing mistakes, developing an ideas, and attempting to really invest myself into characters. It also includes a rough flipbook so people can flip the scene and see what works and what needs work.
Developing the book series has been great and it's nice to wake up each day doing what I love to do. If anyone would like a copy, I've included a link to lulu below the picture. It's a little rough around the edges and disorganized but I'm hoping to have the problems worked out for the September issue. Thanks again for the support.


Draw Monkey said...

Nice book. I'll definitely order me a copy when I get home.

crylic said...

Right on buddy. That is some value right there. I'll be grabbing a digital copy for sure and also may take this route myself for a book.

Good luck with it, Jer.

RoB said...

Congrats on the book! Awesome art!

Alina Chau said...

The cat is awesome!