Cintiq woes

Unfortunately my 3 year 15 inch cintiq is officially broken. The moniter still works great but the board controlling the pen and pressure is fried. So overall it wasn't a good week. The trade off in buying an expensive product like a cintiq is hoping that quality and brand name will mean not having to purchase another one in the near future. Since my cintiq is past its 2 year warranty, I'd have to pay at least 40 USD plus shipping to send it back to Wacom and wait a minimum of 30 days to just have them 'check it out' and tell me what I already know is wrong. After the 30 days, they'd contact me and then I'd have to pay for the repair. Suffice to say I wasn't impressed with that level of customer service.
Ok, that's the bad news but here's the good and potentially very exciting news. While checking for alternatives to sending back my cintiq I found the SISO Tablo Notebook Tablet Conversion Kit:

If this works, for $129 CAN anyone with a laptop can have a cintiq. Early reviews have been very positive stating that the two are comparable but its only designed to work on a laptop lcd moniter. I'm planning on picking one up and giving it a try on my cintiq which is more durable than a normal desktop lcd moniter. I'll let everyone know my impressions once I get the tablo but my fingers are crossed for a potentially really cheap fix to my cintiq woes.

Link to the tablo on ncix.

edit: Another site clarified the pressure sensitivity aspect which is apparently determined by velocity and not pressure. This doesn't make the tablo such a big deal anymore since the wiimote hack has been around for some time now. Looks like this is a prettied up and boxed version of that hack.... boo..


David Nethery said...

Bummer. :-(

You have my sympathy.

I live in fear of mine breaking down. (even though the prices have actually come down since I got mine a few years ago ... but I sure couldn't easily afford to get a new one at a moment's notice).

I love the thing, but I wish it wasn't so dear to replace it.

David Nethery said...
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