Just putting some bears in different situations with a couple Sullivant characters in the mix.

Bears again


warm up sketch

Da Bears

Couple new sketches

CTN Expo

Just wanted to send a special thanks to all the great people I met at CTN Expo. I apologize for my awkward and nervous behavior since the majority of my time is spent with pencil, paper and there's not always a whole lot of social interaction in my freelancing days. Just wanted to say a special thanks to:

John Quinn for the meal and tour of Disney consumer products. It was great meeting everyone!

Floyd Norman who is always so accommodating and understanding. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to chat with you and talk about the golden years at Disney. Thanks so much for the tour of Disney publishing!

James Baxter who graciously deals with my appreciation of his work. It's always a pleasure to meet great talent with such kindness.

Eric Goldberg for his encouragement, generosity, and for laughing at a few of my crude drawings. Thank you sir!

Andreas Deja, thanks so much for the lovely sketchbook, for giving me a new appreciation of TS Sullivant's work, and for the reminder to put away the cintiq and draw on paper with your head, hand and your heart.

Don Bluth for reminding me to relax, loose up and allow the drawings to express sincere feelings.

Tony Bancroft for his wonderful, effortless demonstrations and discussion of his animation character experience.

Uli Meyer and Matt Jones wonderful Searle presentation which was not only entertaining but very informative as well. Searle's work needs to be digested and discussed to be appreciated. Thank you both!

Jason Ryan for being a good friend, a mentor, and being willing to open up and share his techniques. Great work!

John Musker again for his thoughts on Searle and for taking the time to talk with a canadian - we're everywhere

To Gabriele Pennacchioli, Scott Morse, Lou Romano, Donnachada Daly, Brittney Lee, Stephen Silver, Robin Joseph, thanks so much for the wonderful artwork. Seeing so much talent in one place is overwhelming but I'm grateful to have had the chance to speak with you all!

My time in LA was very special and I hope to see everyone again next year!





Cat wants OUT!



Scene updated

Still some rough edges but thought I'd post an update to the scene. Below are some of the research thumbnails exploring the little rabbit's character:

Scene 5 - WIP

This is my scene so far from Don's CG Project. Even though there are some major issues, I couldn't be happier animating. I'll continue to work on the problems and show the results in the next few weeks.

Development Sketches

Left over sketches

Horror movie night


Almost time to be smacked...

Bad News

Reluctant Vet visit

Sharing the remote on TGIF night

Asking if it's alright to share the remote to watch Perfect Strangers and Full House.

Cat Playtime

Cat Playtime:

Several head thumbnails:

Poker night

Poker night problems:

Research for the sketch:

Thanks for the book support everyone! It means a lot!

Book: Preview issue is done

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

The above drawing is one that I've had for quite some time and it's time to see it retired. Completing the preview issue of 'Animated Thought Process' and using it as the cover felt like a good place to see it end. It's a first in a series of books I'm working on that detail the research, studies, and.. umm.. thought process that goes into animating a scene. It isn't a how to book because quite honestly I don't feel qualified to release a book that teaches others how to animate and there are far more experienced and talented people who offer that kind of advice. My book is more like Da Vinci's notebook showing mistakes, developing an ideas, and attempting to really invest myself into characters. It also includes a rough flipbook so people can flip the scene and see what works and what needs work.
Developing the book series has been great and it's nice to wake up each day doing what I love to do. If anyone would like a copy, I've included a link to lulu below the picture. It's a little rough around the edges and disorganized but I'm hoping to have the problems worked out for the September issue. Thanks again for the support.

Warm up sketches

This is a cheesy/hokie drawing but the idea is fun. I'd love to see more of Isaac Asimov take (not rewriting his work to fit an action movie) on robots in recent films.

Ipod Generation Gap

Version 2:
Some old posts were lost in the blog clean up.. here's a new one:

Gobelins & Annecy at it again

As usual more amazing work from Gobelins:
Monstera Deliciosa
Le lac gelé
Jelly Sunday

Thank you book for JL

One of my pet projects that's been crawling along at a snail's pace is thank you cards for all the nice people I met in LA. Below is the thank you book from Yumi and myself to John Lasseter for spending some time with us. It was his night yet he was gracious enough to stop and talk with us. We both thought that he deserved a thank you of some sort. Yumi spent some time writing her story and wanted to share the Japanese perspective on Disney films and I agreed to help out with the artwork. Hopefully he and his wife, Nancy, will enjoy or at least find some use for it. Below are some pictures of the final product:



Here's a collection of books I've made over the past year. These were great fun to make :)

Old ladies discuss fashion

Below are a compilation of different sketches I've done a couple years ago. Some are embarrassingly bad for obvious reasons but most were fun at the time and taught me something new.

Special Thanks to Don & Crew

Special thanks to Don Bluth and Dave for sending me this beautiful drawing of Daphne:

Also thanks to folks who enjoyed my Rhino drawing and made it possible for me to get this lovely sketch. You rock!

More thumbnails