Bear Test

Here is a quick test that I'm tying down now with a cintiq and TVpaint. The full scene has been animated but I've only taken a small section.

2008 Christmas card updated designs:


Mitch K said...

Nice stuff! Sorry to hear about your crashed drive... gotta back that stuff up!

That bear is great. Keep going!

Maarten Rijs said...

awesome christmas card, and loving the pirate in the post below. so appealing.... inspiring.
also enjoyed reading part 2 of your process and seeing the final product.. i think more artists should reveal some of their magic haha.

thanks for your advice. it all sounds logical! i will practice it..
i started really practicing my drawing from imagination only lately, before it was all life drawing.
i posted some drawings, could you maybe give me some critiques, points to work on or something?

im looking forward to see more of your animation!