My Process: Part 1

My character development process so far and this is divided into several parts to prevent my posts from getting too download heavy. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to share their process, please let me know. Thanks!
(7)Character Design:

(6)Research from the web of police uniforms from the 1940's-1960's:

(5)Developed thumbnail with basic acting and storytelling but with no design, refinement or research.

(4)The officers represent conformation and follow a system so their design will be similar. The rookie is trying to break into the system and is struggling so his design will be different.

(3)Story and staging planning based on the plot and theme. Plot: Police officers haze a rookie by stealing his hat. Theme: Fitting in and conforming to society versus the individual wants. The purpose of this isn't to be presumptuous but to provide a hook which will hopefully relate with the audience. Also, it provides a reason for the design and acting of each character.

(2):(1)Original development sketch; (2) Developing Characters; (3)Developing Theme; (4) Story Relationships

(0):Sketch book observations:


Maarten Rijs said...

thanks for the comment! very interesting to see your drawing process....
i love love love your latest posts. I especially like how you draw faces... so appealing and so varied. where do you get so much inspiration?? haha.
drawing from imagination is a constant struggle for me.. is there any advice you would give me besides practicing it a lot? :)
i would appreciate it, thanks!