Bear film update

Frog studies

More Frogs?


Cold frog studies:

Frog anatomy studies:

Colored sketch based off of the frog from Disney's Frog Princess.. a tad off model though(no pun intended)





Working Moms




Bear Test

Here is a quick test that I'm tying down now with a cintiq and TVpaint. The full scene has been animated but I've only taken a small section.

2008 Christmas card updated designs:



My Process: Part 2

(5) Still searching but no answers yet. I will continue between these last few steps until I hit on something worthwhile. All of mistakes are leading to when I know the character and can draw that character easily, within context, from my imagination.

(4) Returning to step 1 of part 2 to rediscover new ideas. Usually when I hit a problem like the one below, returning to an earlier part of the process and refreshing myself with new ideas helps. Here I'm exploring different character traits of the lead officer. Should he be a round character or a flat character and how does he act beyond the context of picture being drawn. Ideas are still the focal point and the drawing is secondary.

(3) Further refinement - Again, more sketches that didn't make the cut but are important and point out issues in character development. Too many personal cliches, not enough visual interest, unclear storytelling are great mistakes to make though.

(2)More throw away sketches loosely exploring different styles and attempting to push past personal cliches.

(1)Refinement of relationships based off of the plot. At this point, the most important aspect is developing the emotional connection and power structure between the characters and audience. These are loose throw away sketches but are important development work for better ideas.

My Process: Part 1

My character development process so far and this is divided into several parts to prevent my posts from getting too download heavy. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to share their process, please let me know. Thanks!
(7)Character Design:

(6)Research from the web of police uniforms from the 1940's-1960's:

(5)Developed thumbnail with basic acting and storytelling but with no design, refinement or research.

(4)The officers represent conformation and follow a system so their design will be similar. The rookie is trying to break into the system and is struggling so his design will be different.

(3)Story and staging planning based on the plot and theme. Plot: Police officers haze a rookie by stealing his hat. Theme: Fitting in and conforming to society versus the individual wants. The purpose of this isn't to be presumptuous but to provide a hook which will hopefully relate with the audience. Also, it provides a reason for the design and acting of each character.

(2):(1)Original development sketch; (2) Developing Characters; (3)Developing Theme; (4) Story Relationships

(0):Sketch book observations:

Dog and cat fight color

More thumbnails:

Color version:

Dog and Cat fight - Rough



New colors

An old drawing inked and colored again at 300 dpi for printing:

Unsuccessful Criminals




Band players

Who did that?



Christmas shopping



Bitter Tea